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Monday, February 21, 2011

Snapshots: Villagey things and Family

The Village:
A few weekends ago, we took a field trip with our entire church to a little village for a funeral. Well, we didn't see too much of the funeral (because women aren't allowed to view many of the rituals), but we got a nice little taste of village life.

They made the "toubabous" ride in the cab... because of the dust.
LAME excuse!

Elisabeth, or Mama Yeo, riding in the back

Those little guys flying around...they're giant bats!

Eating lunch and taking naps

Mattias! He's back in Niakara teaching now.

The Family Yeo:
 (minus Papa Yeo... that guy is hard to get a picture of!)


Dorcas- my comrade and sister

2/3 of the Davids

Home and our lovely mango tree

Living room

Kitchen/ garage... haha

A little corner of the room I share with Dorcas (I literally stood on the bed, squished into the corner to get this much of the room into the picture). It's a good thing we get along so well!

The dog... who is nameless... and a pretty lousy guard dog.
and the many, many chickens!

The view from the porch

Jonas shelling peanuts

Jonas and David (this is the 3rd and final David, he actually lives here).

Mama Yeo


LoriM said...

Not sure my first comment 'took". Just wanted to say - love your blog, esp the pictures. I went to ICA 1966-77 (in Rod Ragsdale's class!) and lived in Ferke, Bouake and Abidjan. Really miss ICA and sad that it is no longer a school so loving it that you guys are benefiting from it, at least for a bit. Glad you can live in African homes! We didn't do that back in the day, which I really regret. Enjoy! Praying for you. (trying to think of missy books to recommend; I like them too and have read those ones you're reading).

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup! Je t'aime! y.m.

The Smith Family said...

Great Blog, our family enjoied the pictures (I showed Hope the hair experience!). Sitting in the cab reminded me of a similar experience I had in Kenya (I can still remember them playing the Gambler by Kenny Rogders which I found very ironic!). It also reminded me of the great spiritual impact. We are praying and thinking of you. Greg for the Smiths.

Bjorklund's said...

As always thanks for the blog!! It lifts my day every time I get to read about what is going on. Be blessed in the Lord! Remember the great love he has shown you on the cross and rejoice in him.