Beautiful Things

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snapshots: life life life

Here's the last few weeks through my eyes:

My sister, Dorcas!

Doin' laundry

Being laughed at for doing laundry

brushing our teeth, African style!

Jonas, being... Jonas
The rainstorms are just beginning!

Dorcas cooking dinner in a torrential downpour!

It was beautiful, and an amazing break from the heat!

Dorcas told me to stay in the house...

and I snuck out!

because it was downright gorgeous outside!

We ate this guy for dinner.


My family bought a new oven!
and you may be picturing something like this:

But a girl from our church came by one morning and started putting this guy together:

In addition to a new oven, we made some new outfits too:

It's been a full couple of weeks and God is showing me what joy can be found in the simplest things, like dinner under a mango tree, lightning storms spread across the sky, and water fights doing the dishes.

Tomorrow morning, Holly and I leave for Burkina Faso to explore with Rod and Angelika. 
More adventures are ahead, which means more awesome things to be shown!

Bon Dimanche!


Anonymous said...

Love it! y.m.

Booma Karen said...

Loved all the pictures. You look great. Lonely boy sittin' in church on Sunday, good lookin', too.