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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sickness, Dependency, and Touching the Moon

So a reality of being a missionary in Africa is that sickness is inevitable.

Yesterday was one of those days where my body could not do all that was required of it and so I stayed in bed for a large portion of the day. I just didn't have the energy.

This is a difficult thing for someone like me. I like to be active and engaged. I like to be with people. Instead my company was a glass of water and a book.

Angelika was so sweet and made me mashed potatoes and carrots for lunch because she knew my stomach was upset. This was a great comfort, but my stomach could barely enjoy them!

This got me thinking about dependency. When we're ill or hurting, we immediately want to be with someone who will make us feel better. I would have loved to hear a familiar voice, but the reality is that I'm in Africa and things just aren't that easy. There are hard days when you realize that all of our dependency must rest in Christ alone. Technology fails us, communication is flawed and cratered with misunderstandings, people get busy, but Christ never fails. He's the ultimate Healer and Comforter. He speaks words of love and affirmation straight to our hearts when we need it most.

Other random happenings:
I'm reading Shadow of the Almighty. Every morning I read a bit of it as I have my oatmeal. I'm in awe of how Jim Elliot sought after God. He didn't have some secret way of talking to God, some secret connection; he was merely a man. But he was a man who chased after God, who sought him in the most mundane things of life. He saw Christ in everything. I want to live my life in that way. To give myself fully to the persute of Christ and His heart.

We're into our 3rd week in Bouake and trying to figure out how to dig in and serve in the community during these few months of training. So here some exciting news: I'm joining the choir at our local church! Yup, little ole me is going to be part of an African choir! It's going to be incredibly challenging, but I'm so excited! They're going to have to teach me how to dance. The choir sings in French, Dyula, and English occasionally. So this will be a great way to learn French quickly.

Saturday a few of us went to Hotel Mon Afrik to go swimming! It was really nice, like a little oasis. We all felt pretty silly being there, being missionaries and all, but it was really nice to relax and cool off. The hotel has a deer as a pet! and guess what? I pet the pet deer! haha! I was wonderful!


I've become the resident hair cutter on our campus. I've given 3 hair cuts in the last week- it's been really fun! A few of the girls brought hair cutting scissors, so we've all been giving each other tips and practicing- haha! It's so fun to have random gifts we can share with each other!

Rod took us all to the rock quarry on Sunday night. I got to ride on top of the land rover on the way there as the sun was setting. It was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen! We were driving out into the bush, passed a small village, and then drove on through 15ft. tall grass. The sky was stormy and every color. Rod told us the history of ICA (where we're living) as we at cold pizza on the rock face. It started to sprinkle and we were worried that we would be rained out, but it cleared up as the sun went down so that we were able to lay out under the stars and sing worship. Got to ride on top on the way back also. I felt like I was flying right on the surface of the world, like I could touch the moon.


Rod, our fearless leader

baobab tree


Debbie Hart said...

Naomi, oh I am in tears! I miss you a lot. This post is radical. I just love it. You're cutting hair like it's no ones business (ah! look how I've impacted you!). You are so beautiful. Much Love from Minnesota!!!

Anonymous said...

Love you friend and am so excited for you... Just seeing these pictures... wish I was there to comfort your stomach - haha! :)

Booma Karen said...

Love following your blog. Jim Elliot is our family's hero. One of my daughter's did a history day project on that event that "changed the world" when she was at Clovis High.

Pictures are great. Hope you are feeling better.

Love the "Little Women" haircut, too.

Eva said...

sorry to hear you were sick. but it's a wonderful thing you are doing!