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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Last of These Bouake Days

We finished up this week of training with a survey of Islam and Theology. It was a great week of learning and, I think, helped to further prepare all of us to better love our neighbors.

 Last sunday we went back to the rock quarry for a bon fire. We threw a pot on the fire and Rod cooked us up some of the greatest camp fire food I have yet to experience! We sat around and talked about the last 3 months and sang songs. It was nice to just be together there.

We all split up for our last Sunday in Bouake, in our Ivorian duds! 
Some headed to the Jamboru church, others went to the Bellville church, and Holly and I decided to go back to Brobo to see the Yeo family and our favorite little church. The wonderful thing about this church body is that they are few in number (less than 20), but they are so faithful! With just a small drum, we sang and danced until the dirt floor made the air dusty. This little church has no resident pastor, but the church in Bouake sends a pastor the 33 km. to teach every Sunday. It was great seeing Yeneyela, Marius, and Barnabe again before heading to Korhogo.

Jamie, Alyssa, me, Steph, CJ, and Holly

So tomorrow is filled with cleaning, packing, laundry, and all those other delightful things! I'll say goodbye to half of our team as a new part of this journey begins. We won't be back on our little campus for 5 weeks, when we'll have time to debrief everything and encourage each other for a few days. Praying for courage, strength, and complete joy in knowing that all is taken care of by the One who is Most Capable!

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