Beautiful Things

Thursday, October 21, 2010


This last week has been one filled with being filled up.

I've been prayed for and commissioned by so many amazing people!
And I've just got to say that I am so thankful.

Some moments that are printed in my brain:
  • Singing one last time in church as pictures are shown of this years missions trips. (God's got some perfect timing as far as lyrics with pictures go!)
  • Standing in the hallway with Hortensia as she prayed a beautiful prayer in broken English and then prayed fervently in Spanish (gorgeous!).
  • My college group family huddled around with arms reached out.
  • Watching the sun sink into the mountains, realizing a sunset is going to look very different for the next year.

I'm just realizing how beautifully orchestrated this whole thing is! Every-which-way I look at it, God has brought it all together to lead me to this point. From choices made back in January, to people God brought alongside me, to bible studies I was led to and prayer meetings invited to. 

It's all connected. 
It's all part of His plan.
It's all in His hands.

This week especially! I've been so blessed with some amazing bible studies and times of fellowship this week. Monday night at the Goetz house talking about what it means to follow Christ, meeting with Pastor Bruce and Rob learning about severe mercies, powerful prayer with amazing people who also love Africa, and many conversations with the best of friends. I'm all filled up! 

As Mr. Goetz would say: I've had my manna. I'm ready to cross the Jordan.
The journey begins in 3 days!

But today I'm thankful for:
  • Wise, godly people who pour out their knowledge to the younger, much less wise.
  • My dad and our many wonderful lunch times.
  • Friends who drive many hours to be here, and those who drive just a few minutes, so we can all be together.
  • That wonderful (and extremely patient) man who sits on the side of my car and helps me talk through this crazy time of change.
  • My incredibly loving mom. She just makes me so darn happy!
Goodnight my friends.

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