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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Preparing for the Journey

Did you know...
we're 19 days away from getting on an airplane-

The to-do list feels miles long,

but the packing list feels longer.

This week I was blessed to meet Brother Dan, our Journey Corps Chaplin. It was so awesome talking with him and getting a real feel for what Cote d'Ivoire is going to be like. I'm seriously looking forward to the community we'll be building there!

I'm also realizing that the French language and I are getting off to a pretty rough start, but hopefully we'll become better friends!

Looks like the way ministry is going to work with Journey Corps is that we'll all be together on the ICA (International Christian Academy) campus in Bouake, Cote d'Ivoire, for 2-3 months, bonding and language learning and such. Then we'll be sent out in pairs to small villages for a month or 2. We'll be living in community and using our gifts to serve the people there.

This has me thinking BIG TIME!
How on earth will THEATER be used? I sincerely hope I get to use my GUITAR!
BUT I also wouldn't mind digging wells or building houses or playing with children or cooking with the women.

There are going to be so many opportunities to grow and stretch myself. Everything is going to be new.
And I get to lean fully on God for strength when I'm feeling incredibly weak and uncomfortable!
Which is bound to happen.

So... these are all the things running through my head tonight. Time is going much faster than I was prepared for. Days are filling up. Before long I'll be saying goodbyes and then saying hellos. These are the wonderful transitions that life brings.

I think I'm ready!
...except for the lengthy lists that are occupying my mind and my wall (giant post-its are wonderful!).

Good night friends!

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Beckie said...

Hey Lady! Can't wait to talk with you tomorrow evening after I've officially begun my Ivory Journey on the ground. Can't wait to meet you in person!