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Thursday, October 7, 2010

When Things Seem Poopy...

So I'm in the midst of cleaning every nook and cranny of my life.
And let me say, it is REALLY nice!

As for my monstrous to-do list... its getting much much smaller!

My camera, that stopped working after spending a few days at the beach, just turned on... as if it hadn't been completely useless a few weeks ago! 
Looks like God is stepping in to help me out as well!
He's good, that's the truth.

Also in my preparation, I've been reading the discussion boards for Journey Corps to figure out how to pack better. The topic of computers was brought up and with that the topic of internet access...
Looks like the aim is for us to have internet access once a month.

I kind of expected this. 
I mean we're going to be out in villages for chunks of time.
We're going to be focused on building relationships and our ministries.
But it still made that little lump raise in my throat.

My mom's response is pretty fitting:
"well that's just POOPY!"
I can't help but want to say it right along with her.

This is part of dying to my own desires and wants.
Giving up my comfort and expectations and saying:
"God, I trust you...
even in a place so far away from familiar,
even when I'm so far from the ones who know and love me.
You know me. You love me.
I trust you.

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